Skin System


The CrystaLite Skin System has been designed to be a cost effective, light weight and weather tight glazing system for over decks, patios, or any non-heated space – great for greenhouses. CrystaLite Skin System provides you with all the parts and pieces for a homeowner do-it-yourself water proof overhead glazing system. Installation of the various parts and pieces are adaptable for your unique project. Its usage requires that a structurally supported framework, that meets local building requirements, be constructed in consideration of your areas snow and wind loads.


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Structured Sheets

CrystaLite’s Skin Glazing System utilizes polycarbonate multiwall sheets in assorted thicknesses. Multiwall heets of 6mm (1/4″) and 10mm (3/8″), are standard thicknesses for patio covers. Our 16mm (5/8″) is great for greenhouse applications. 16mm for greenhouse windows has excellent energy values, for early Spring and late Fall gardening. Structured Sheets have exceptional thermal performance values. A 25mm sheet has comparable thermal properties to a triple pane window.

Structured Sheets are made up of virtually indestructible polycarbonate (GE Lexan resin) substrate. Polycarbonate sheets are economical and light in weight, yet are 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass!


System Requirements

Structural Supports

It is recommended that all centers be no greater than 24″ and runs down the slope shall be supported by perlins a minimum of every 4 ft.

Slope Distances

Maximum slope distances of up to 24 feet can be obtained using stock structured sheet. Slope pitches of 2/12 or greater are required to ensure proper runoff.


Fasteners must be anchored through the base frame to the base structure to adequately accommodate snow / wind loads. Fasteners must be used at every lineal foot.

Weep Holes

In order to provide for internal drainage, 3/16″ weep holes are required at points where mullions intersect the sill.

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