Raw / Replacement Glass


Featuring Cardinal IG

In addition to offering Cardinal IG as the primary source of insulated glass featured in our skylights and custom over-head glazings; we offer the same high quality glass products directly to our CrystaLite Dealers.

The Twenty Year Difference

Lost profits are unappealing to any window manufacturer, especially when due to warranty replacements caused by IG seal failure. Based on extensive research and experience, Cardinal estimates that the real cost for every glass unit a window company replaces is approximately $200.

This includes hard and soft costs for replacement windows, service calls, factory overhead, business disruption, and a damaged customer faith. At $200 per unit, how much could you and your channel partners be losing in the long run?

Endur IG insulating glass comes with the lowest failure rate in the industry – developed in part from Cardinal’s 45 years of experience in manufacturing IG units, 27 of these years utilizing a dual-seal silicone system.

Don’t Let IG Failures Bite You in the Bottom Line

We provide a 20-year guarantee on Endur IG units because of our advanced design and fabrication; see warranty information for details. Endur IG is at the leading edge, incorporating a stainless steel spacer with airtight bent corners and a dual-seal construction of compressed polyisobutylene (PIB) and silicone.

Introducing LoE-i89™

The new Cardinal glass that takes center of glass U-factors to a remarkable 0.20 when coupled with our LoE and argon fill in a double-pane unit. Without argon and with or without capillary tubes, the unit still delivers a U-factor of just 0.23 – perfect for high altitudes. You get triple pane performance in a double-pane window. So take your window U-factors to a new low… with LoE-i89.

Cardinal LoE i89 Brochure

Desiccants are contained in the spacer to eliminate any potential for moisture. Argon is filled inside the IG unit, improving window U-factor. Since Endur IG is a warm-edge IG, the possibility of indoor condensation is greatly reduced.

Cardinal’s superior IG construction translates into a 0.2% seal failure rate over twenty years – plainly the lowest in the industry. To compare, the well-established 1976 Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturing Association (SIGMA) study identifies average industry IG failures of over 9% in fifteen years. Modern competitive spacer systems simply cannot match the long-term durability characteristics of Endur IG IG.


Utilizing CrystaLite as Your Raw IG Provider, We Offer:

  • Quick turn-around time on orders.
  • Deliveries twice a week throughout the Washington I-5 corridor.
  • Competitive pricing, as well as special pricing on large volume orders.
  • Cardinal IG line of Clear and LoE products featuring Cardinal 180, 270, 272, 366, and i89.
  • Cardinal IG 20 Year Warranty on Annealed and Tempered IG Units using Cardinal IG XL-Edge Stainless Steel Spacer.
  • Cardinal IG 10 Year Warranty on Annealed or Tempered over Laminated IG Units using standard insulated colored Aluminum Spacer.

Documents & Resources

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