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NFRC Rated. Air, Water, Structural Certified

CrystaLite skylights are NAMI certified and NFRC rated for thermal performance; U-Factor, SHGC, Visible Light Transmittance. Standard skylights are NAMI certified to the NAFS Standard for air infiltration, water penetration and structural loading; commonly referred to as ‘AAMA Testing.’   Refer to our NFRC Quick Reference Guide for more rated values.

LEED Credits

Refer to ourLEED v2.2 / v3.0 Verification Document to see how CrystaLite skylights can help your LEED Project, including Recycled Content and Regional Materials.

Snow / High Loads

CrystaLite’s 5842, 3962, 5830, and ES frames have been certified with high load specific glazing configurations to achieve a high design load ratings over 500 psf to comply with local code requirement for snow loading concerns.

Standard Frames

Includes: 5842, 5843, 3962, 3921, and Energy Saver (ES) models.
Glazing: Glass, Plastic Domes
Description: Single lite unit skylights, curb mounted frames.

Venting Frames

Includes: 5830, 3962 venting models.
Glazing: Glass, Plastic Domes
Description: Single lite venting unit skylights, curb mounted frames. Manual opening hardware and SOLAR SMART electic operator options.

Tubular Skylights

Includes: 10, 13, 18, 21 inch models
Glazing: Plastic Dome
Description: Roof mounted or curb mounted roof dome flashing. Integral light reflective tube brings light into the interior and distubuted via ceiling diffuser.

Custom Sloped Glazing

Includes: 3962, 4843, 30258 models.
Glazing: Glass, Multiwall Sheets
Description: Multilite skylights available in light, medium, and heavy frame options. Able to be fabricated in a variety of configurations; including but not limited to slopes, awnings, ridges, hip ridges, pyramids, and barrel vaults.

Skylight Documents & Resources

Skylight Resource
Skylight Info Packet
NFRC Quick Reference Guide
Standard Skylight Order Form
Venting Skylight Order Form
Snow-Load / High-Load Form
Approved Sealants
Skylight Warranty
LEED Credits
Standard Frames
Skylight Installation
Flashing Installation
5842 vs 5843
ES Skylight
ES Skylight Order Form
ES Skylight Assembly
Fall Protection Safety Grids
Safety Grids Handout
Safety Grids Order Form
Venting Frames
5830 Installation
5830 with Solar Smart Installation
5830 with Solar Smart Retrofit
5830 vs 3962
Solar Smart
Solar Smart Handout Handout
Setup and User Manual
Warranty & Registration
Truth Hardware
Truth Manual Flyer
Truth Marvel Flyer
Truth HS Flyer
Truth HS Manual
Truth WLS Flyer
Truth WLS Manual
Truth Remote Manual
Sentry 2000 (LCII)
Tubular Skylights
10 Inch Details
13 Inch Details
18 Inch Details
21 Inch Details
25 Year Warranty
Tubular Skylight Installation
Code Insulation Addendum
Energy Kit Install
Tile Roof Install
Metal Roof Install
Light Kit Install
Exhaust Fan
Dimmer Specs
Dimmer Install
Custom Sloped Glazing
Basic Installation
Insulated Curb
LEED Credits
Job Specific Calcs
Custom Measure Sheets
Barrel Vault
Cluster System
Pyramid / Hip Ridges
Sloped Glazing
Glazable Opener Order From