Venting (Operable) Skylights


NFRC Rated. Air, Water, Structural Certified

CrystaLite skylights are NAMI certified and NFRC rated for thermal performance; U-Factor, SHGC, Visible Light Transmittance. Standard skylights are NAMI certified to the NAFS Standard for air infiltration, water penetration and structural loading; commonly referred to as ‘AAMA Testing.’   Refer to our NFRC Quick Reference Guide for more rated values.

LEED Credits

Refer to ourLEED v2.2 / v3.0 Verification Document to see how CrystaLite skylights can help your LEED Project, including Recycled Content and Regional Materials.

Snow / High Loads

CrystaLite’s 5842, 3962, 5830, and ES frames have been certified with high load specific glazing configurations to achieve a high design load ratings over 500 psf to comply with local code requirement for snow loading concerns.

5830 PVC/Alum

5830 sill shown with Truth manual drive.
CSI Specification

Our most popular opening skylight frame features a PVC interior. A PVC leg drops down into the light well which provides a flat surface to attach the chain drive Truth opener and aligns flush with interior drywall. The chain passes through a slot in the inner frame which allows the bug screen to cover the entire daylight without interruption. Option for hand crank (Truth angle drive) vs. 6′-10′ pole (Truth straight drive) should be determined at time of order. Screen is standard. Designed for standard 1-1/2″ thick curbing only. High Load glazing available.

NFRC Rated Values
Glass U SHGC Type
Temp / Temp 0.49 0.25 366
Temp / Lam 0.50 0.25 366
Domes U SHGC Type
Double 0.67 0.66 Clear
Double 0.67 0.46 White
Triple 0.51 0.60 Clear
Triple 0.51 0.42 White
PDF / DWG Details
Glass Glazing / 90° Curb (Head)
Double Dome / 90° Curb (Head)
Triple Dome / 90° Curb (Head)
Glass Glazing / 90° Curb (Jamb)
Double Dome / 90° Curb (Jamb)
Triple Dome / 90° Curb (Jamb)
Glass Glazing / 90° Curb (Sill)
Double Dome / 90° Curb (Sill)
Triple Dome / 90° Curb (Sill)

3962 Alum. Opener

3962 non-venting frame shown above.
CSI Specification

The 3962 frame does not include an interior frame portion and does not require interior drywall to be cut back from the top of the curb. However, not having such prohibits a means for the operator chain to pass through, thus requiring wickets in the screen.

NFRC Rated Values
Glass U SHGC Type
Temp / Temp 0.61 0.28 366
Temp / Lam 0.62 0.28 366
Domes U SHGC Type
Double 0.79 0.75 Clear
Double 0.79 0.52 White
Triple 0.63 0.68 Clear
Triple 0.63 0.48 White
PDF / DWG Details
Glass Glazing / 90° Curb (Head)
Double Dome / 90° Curb (Head)
Glass Glazing / 90° Curb (Jamb)
Double Dome / 90° Curb (Jamb)
Glass Glazing / 90° Curb (Sill)
Double Dome / 90° Curb (Sill)

Opener Hardware


No Wiring Required = No Hassle

The solar charged system eliminates the hassle & expense of wiring through existing walls and ceilings, pre-wiring concerns, and having multiple electricians involved.

Automated Natural Ventilation

You know the benefits of natural daylighting. Solar Smart allows your skylight to also provide natural ventilation without using any power consumption from the building.

Ventilation can be automated using the Solar Smart Remote’s thermostat settings.

Truth Manual Operator

Operated by a pole, or if in reach, a hand crank. Hand crank requires an angle drive unit which differs than the standard straight drive used with the pole. The pole can operate with an angle drive in some installations. Please indicate at time of order. Available in bronze and white.

Truth Manual Flyer

SOLAR SMART solar charged operator

Solar Smart is a remote operated, battery powered, solar charged chain drive operator system – designed for the use in awning and hopper windows, and skylights. Solar Smart is designed to be used without any additional power and wiring from the building. The operator is powered by a NiMH battery pack that is recharged from the external solar panel; an optional AC adapter is included. Solar Smart was engineered to feature ultra low power consumption while in idle state, and in use. The electronically efficient hardware and software design, allows for solar to be a reality; also allowing the solar panel to be relatively small.

The intelligence of Solar Smart extends to the handheld remote; bidirectional feedback display is the most noteworthy to the end user. The large and readable display provides feedback on a number of critical items including; Open / Close status displayed in percentage, operator and remote battery levels, solar charge rate, temperature automatic functions, and several other advanced programming options. A single remote can be paired with one or multiple operators within range.

Sunless in Seattle

Solar Smart is designed to optimally operate year round in the cloudy and rainy Pacific Northwest, with only solar as the power source. Solar Smart thus will be compatible for most locations in the United States.

Remote Highlights

  1. Large and Readable Bi-directional feedback display.
  2. Open / Close status displayed in percentage.
  3. Operator and Remote battery level displayed in percentage.
  4. Solar charge rate displayed in Milliampere (mA).
  5. Temperature display.
  6. Automatic Thermostat Operation.
  7. 9 Programmable Zones with up to 9 operators assigned to a single zone.
  8. Multiple remotes can be used and easily synced by transfering information from the Main Remote to the Secondary Remote(s).
  9. Stand Up Base and Wall Mount Bracket.
  10. 2 AA Batteries, with expected life of 1 year.

Operator Highlights

  1. Operating force rating of 60 lbs at the chain.
  2. Maximum chain travel of 8 inches; optionally programmable limits.
  3. Powered by a solar charged NiMH battery pack that is end-user replaceable.
  4. White cover is standard. Paintable surface for custom color match.
  5. Attachment link on chain is fastened to the sash by a release pin.
  6. Rain Sensor included.
  7. AC adapter included.
Solar Smart Information
Solar Smart Handout Handout
Setup and User Manual
Warranty & Registration

NEW  Automation Systems – ECI Remote

Solar Smart is now available to be controlled from other devices such as thermostats, home/building automation systems, security systems and etc. – with the use of wired External Control Inputs (ECI) on a dedicated remote – ECI Remote.

The ECI Remote maintains all the functionality as the Standard Remote – however it is intended and recommended that all pairing/programming to be completed on the Standard (Main) Remote and the ECI Remote to be used as a Secondary Remote.

The ECI Remote will operate either a single zone or all zones. The ECI Remote requires a wall outlet for constant power as well as be wired directly to the automation system.

Features such as Rain Sensor, Temperature Control, and Timed-to-Close should be disabled on the ECI (Secondary) Remote and managed only on the Standard (Main) Remote.

Learn more in our ECI Remote Installation documentation.


Standard Sizes & Glazing Options

Glass Glazing

CrystaLite has partnered with Cardinal IG as our primary insulated glass unit provider, to offer the highest quality glass available. Cardinal’s superior quality is backed with an unmatched warranty on the insulated glass units and the lowest failure rate in the industry. Cardinal LoE3 366 with Argon Gas is our standard glass option. We offer numerous other glazing options as well to fit your projects needs.

Dome Glazing

Glass glazed skylights require at least a 2/12 pitched roof for installation. For flat and low pitched roofs, dome glazing is available in our standard frames (except 5843) and are available in single, double, and triple layers to meet your energy design needs. Offered in clear for maximum light; bronze for reduced heat transmittance; and translucence white for optimal light diffusion.

Standard Sizes

Skylights are designed to fit over the curb like a ‘lid on a shoe box.’ Model sizes are based on Outside Curb Dimensions (OCD).

Model Size OCD Call-Out
1838 17.5″ x 37.5″
1850 17.5″ x 49.5″
1874 17.5″ x 73.5″
2626 25.5″ x 25.5″ 2×2
2634 25.5″ x 33.5″
2638 25.5″ x 37.5″ 2×3
2650 25.5″ x 49.5″ 2×4
2662 25.5″ x 61.5″
2674 25.5″ x 73.5″ 2×6
2698 25.5″ x 97.5″
3434 33.5″ x 33.5″
Model Size OCD Call-Out
3438 33.5″ x 37.5″
3450 33.5″ x 49.5″
3474 33.5″ x 73.5″
3838 37.5″ x 37.5″
3850 37.5″ x 49.5″
3862 37.5″ x 61.5″
3874 37.5″ x 73.5″
3898 37.5″ x 97.5″
5050 49.5″ x 49.5″ 4×4
5062 49.5″ x 61.5″
5074 49.5″ x 73.5″

Note:  5843 Frame is limited to 2626, 2638, 2650, and 2674 model sizes only.
Note:  ES Skylight and 5830 venting skylights are NOT available in 3874, 3898, 5062, and 5074 model sizes.


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