Utilizing CrystaLite as Your Raw IG Provider, We Offer:

  • Quick turn-around time on orders.
  • Deliveries twice a week throughout the Washington I-5 corridor.
  • Competitive pricing, as well as special pricing on large volume orders.
  • Cardinal IG line of Clear and LoE products featuring Cardinal 180, 270, 272, 366, 340 and i89.
  • Cardinal IG 20 Year Warranty on all Annealed and Tempered IG Units.
  • Cardinal IG 10 Year Warranty on Laminated IG Units.

Neutral-Cure Silicone is Required

Silicones containing Acetoxy will attack the sealant of the unit itself and cause failure. Acetoxy is often listed as a base element in chemicals such as methyltriacetoxysilane. These sealants should NOT be used with IG units. Acetoxy-Cure has a vinegar smell that can be used to identify sealants containing this.

Neutral-Cure silicone is required and is commonly used. This list contains sealants that have been tested and approved to be used with IG units. If the sealant you use and prefer is not included in this list, it may still be safe to use. Please call or email and we will verify.

Review Approved Sealants

Featuring Cardinal IG

Textured Pattern Glass

Beyond standard IG and flat glass, we are able to provide a wide array of textured pattern glass used for privacy and/or decorative insallations. Below are the more commonly used textured patterns.

Obscure Glass
Satin Etch
Frosted Glue Chip
Pattern #42
Narrow Reed
Seedy Reed

Glass Shapes

Glass IGs and flat glass is not always square. We can handle shapes too! Providing us critical dimensions for each shape is important.
Please review the Shape Catalog and review per each shape.


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