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Infinity - Glass Panel Railing

TESTED & CERTIFIED - Structural Engineering

CrystaLite railings are structurally designed and stamped by an independent structural engineer. CrystaLite railing systems have been rated to accommodate high wind loads and exposure ratings set forth by local building codes. CrystaLite will select the appropriate post size and spacing to meet code requirements, exposure criteria, with wind speeds up to 120 mph.

NEW Universal Glass Clamps Available for Select Jobs

The Universal Glass Clamps are compatible with CrystaLite Railing Systems, for both standard Glass Railing as well as the Infinity Railing System. It is provided with an additional boot insert, to enable capture of both a vertical and bottom edge of glass.

The Universal Glass Clamps are provided with 2 sets of pads, allowing for a range of glass thicknesses to be used.

  • 1/4” Glass - 2 thick pads
  • 5/16” Glass - 1 thick and 1 thin pad
  • 3/8” Glass - 2 thin pads
  • 7/16” Glass - 2 thin pads
Available Colors
Brush Nickel, Satin Chrome, Black, Bronze, White

Railing Documents & Resources

General Items
  • Quote / Order Sheet PDF
  • Installation Manual PDF
  • Side Mount Worksheet PDF
  • Care & Maintenance PDF
  • Railing Warranty PDF
  • IRC Handrail Info PDF
Glass Rail
  • Glass Measure Sheet PDF
  • Tips for Stair Glass PDF
  • Universal Glass Clamps PDF
Stainless Cable
  • Cable Fasteners Info PDF
  • Cable Assemblies Order Form PDF
  • Install - Field Swag Tool PDF
Infinity Railing
  • Infinity Quote Sheet PDF
  • Infinity Installation Manual PDF
  • Infinity Glass Sheet PDF
  • Infinity FTL Glass Information PDF
  • Universal Glass Clamps PDF
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