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Component Parts & Pieces

Top Rails

Our 9000, 9001 and 9036 rail caps are fitted to the vertical post as a top guard or intermediate rail. The 9039 rail cap is designed to act as a grab rail in hand rail situations. The 9002 and 9023 caps can run over our 1-3/4” and 2-1/2” posts. 9023 and 9036 are designed to butt cleanly with our 3-1/2” post. The 9002 and 9023 rail caps are semi-flat top railing - popular by those that prefer the 2 x 4 look and feel.

Railing Styles

Glass Panel

CrystaLite glass panel railing systems create the perfect windbreak without any loss of view. Glass panels are excellent for exterior decks, balconies and stairs, yet sleek and elegant for interior railings.

Photos & Details


Enjoy an uninterrupted view with CrystaLite's new Infinity Railing system.

Photos & Details

Aluminum Picket Railing

For many classic home styles, our white picket railing is the perfect fit. Picket railing is a popular choice when stairs are part of the installation.

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Stainless Cable

Cable Railing Made from strong and weather resistant 1/8" stainless steel cable, it is excellent for exterior railing and elegant for interior applications. The special easy-to-use fittings are hidden in the end posts.

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This is our 'standard' railing configuration. It utilizes our smaller top rails to pass over our intermediate posts and butt to the sides of larger end posts. Installations done in this manner have far fewer cuts required and allows for the most flexibility.

Post to Post

Post to post is just that, our top rails run and end at each post on a run. This is often chosen for aesthetic purposes.

Over the Top

Our smaller top rails can run over the top of our intermediate posts; likewise our larger top rails can run over the top of our 1-3/4" and 2-1/2" posts, with field mitered corners. The result is a smooth continuous line that is a very popular form of installation.

Double Top Rail

This is an attractive utilization of our railing system which combines our method of going post to post with going over the top.

Color Options

Standard Colors

The latest technology is used in applying a baked on gloss finish to our six standard colors, or any custom color selected.

Colors: White, Almond, Silver Gray, Bronze, Green, Black

Wood Finish

Patented image-bonding technology, compliant with strict AAMA 2604 standards. This new technology has enabled us to combine the beauty of natural wood with our weather resistant aluminum railing.

Colors: Knotty Pine, Clear Fir Natural, Clear Fir Medium, Hemlock, Cherry

Railing Documents & Resources

General Items
  • Quote / Order Sheet PDF
  • Installation Manual PDF
  • Side Mount Worksheet PDF
  • Care & Maintenance PDF
  • Railing Warranty PDF
  • IRC Handrail Info PDF
Glass Rail
  • Glass Measure Sheet PDF
  • Tips for Stair Glass PDF
  • Universal Glass Clamps PDF
Stainless Cable
  • Cable Fasteners Info PDF
  • Cable Assemblies Order Form PDF
  • Install - Field Swag Tool PDF
Infinity Railing
  • Infinity Quote Sheet PDF
  • Infinity Installation Manual PDF
  • Infinity Glass Sheet PDF
  • Infinity FTL Glass Information PDF
  • Universal Glass Clamps PDF
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